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Les Rats d'Eau

Les Rats d'Eau

Les Rats d'Eau from the French meaning water rat or beaver is pronounced: la rah doe.

The beaver is a symbol of America's frontier past because of its long history of importance in the fur trade.  Ingenious builders and also creatures of water, beavers are known to be an industrous little animal.  Beavers are diligent workers and attune with their environment.  The beaver, building their dome-shaped lodges-comprised of tree branches, mud and stones-in wooded streams, can change the flowing course of the entire rivers.

In school we are taught that the 'beaver' are hardworking, noble, and honest; they take charge, adapt & overcome.  Eager beaver, busy beaver are colloquial expressions for an 'industrious person'.  Play and fun are also among the beaver's symbolism.

20"L x 9" W